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Bateman in Tonight, He Comes

JasonBateman.jpgJason Bateman has been announced as joining Tonight, He Comes alongside Will Smith.

Tonight, He Comes is that tale that sounds like it could go any number of ways, it's about a superhero who's turned to the dark side. He's a drinking, hard living guy who looks like he's having a mid life crisis. Bateman is the PR Exec who signs up to save his image.

According to Variety Charlize Theron is still in talks to play the married woman the superhero tries to woo. I had thought they had both already signed.

Bateman and the director, Peter Berg, seem to be bumping shoulders a lot, as actor-director on The Kingdom and actors in Smokin' Aces.

I'm a fan of Berg, although I've yet to see his directing outside of Very Bad Things, which I really did enjoy. This seems to be his year though with three films due and already three for next year. Bateman seems to be following him with a burgeoning film career.



*whispers* I also loved Very Bad Things.

Very Bad Things was a good flick! I was just thinking about it the other day and how I'd like to watch it again.


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