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Battlestar Galactica film confirmed by Producers

BattlestarGalactica.jpgThe producers of Battlestar Galactica have confirmed that a film is going to go ahead, if a fourth series does. If there's no fourth series, there's no film.

According to David Eick and Ron Moore, I'm not sure exactly which one said the following, but the film will not carry on from the third series.

The original story comes from The Chicago Tribune, but beware because the story contains really big pointers to possible major spoilers for the series endning. I found a much safer version at CommonGate movies.

It was only six days ago that we heard about the possibility of a film. I really do hope it goes ahead and that the studio don't do something stupid and cancel the show or move it to a stupid timeslot and force it to end, as they so usually do with great series.

Would you rather see a film carry on from the series, do a spin off tale, or...well, what would you like a BG film to do exactly?



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