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Baywatch gains UK model

KeeleyHazell.jpgKeeley Hazell is a model from the UK who appears in mens magazines such as Zoo, FHM, Maxim, etc. and it looks like she might be signed up for the Baywatch film. We haven't really heard much about the film version of the highly successful TV show, but this little snippet appeared online.

...set to don the famous red swimsuit in the forthcoming Baywatch movie after wowing film producers.

The 20 year old model was scouted by film producers after she appeared in the latest US edition of Playboy as Babe Of The Month.

Is the news from The Post Chronicle. They also have the added news that there's a "leaked" video on the internet of her having sex. Perfect, just the publicity you want after Playboy and before Baywatch.

I think the film is shaping up the same way as the series right now. For more of Hazell, visit her MyMarketingSpace page or head over to her official site.



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