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Bean and Hoskins are Outlaw

Outlaw.jpgImagine, if you will, a modern day Equalizer in the UK. Who would he be? Sean Bean, that's who. Outlaw is a film from Nick Love who also made The Football Factory and the well received The Business, and the trailer is online and is looking really strong.

He's a strong British talent and his latest film not only stars Sean Bean, but also Bob Hoskins, as well as Danny Dyer who starred in The Business and more recently Severance.

Bean stars as a soldier returning from war to find that the youths out of control and the Police can't seem to do much about it, then there's the rising crime rate, and so on. Modern day Britain. Except he doesn't want to take it anymore, and he meets various individuals who are like minded. Together they form a modern day posse to dispense their own justice.

Apparently Love wrote the screenplay based on newspaper articles and anecdotes he'd heard, and although the story will be fictional, some of the specific incidents will be based on real events.

Have a look at the trailer [WMV:RP:QT:56k:256k:512k:1Mb:iPod] and see what you think. An excellent catch by Solace in Cinema.

Okay, strong British film, loads to say about the current social situation, and it stars Bean and Hoskins? Surely this can't go wrong? Okay I wasn't convinced by The Business, but Nick Love is a strong writer/director. What do you think after watching it?



Damn, another movie that will be hard to find over here in Canada that I want to see. The premise sounded kind of poor but the trailer got me interested and any movie with Bob Hoskins and Sean Bean in can't be that bad.

Nice one Rich... count me excited about this one - have been tracking it for a while so cheers for the trailer tip off!
Severance out on DVD today!! Danny D in effect!
nice one

when does this film come out on dvd?

Not sure char. Have you seen the film yet?

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