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Behind the Scenes of BloodRayne II

UweBoll.jpgI've just seen some behind the scenes footage for BloodRayne II: Deliverance, and despite it being the latest offering from Uwe Boll the short film had me hooked. It's actually quite well put together and rather funny.

Note that Booll had nothing to do with the directing of this little piece. We do get a chance to hear a little of the plot from Zack Ward who tells us that his character is Billy the Kid, Billy the vampire Kid obviously, and they have a brilliant plan to take over the wild west using the railroad. Mmm...great stuff.

Plot and the film aside, this documentary is quite amusing, I wonder if the same could be said for the film? Considering the calibre of actors compared to the previous few films I don't think we're in for a surprising treat.

You can see the footage over at PitchPage [Flash:Embed] through JoBlo.

BloodRayne has changed slightly since the first film, going in it was Kristanna Loken, coming out we've got Natassia Malthe. Any Boll fans out there?...oooh...was that tumbleweed?



Well it couldn't possibly be any worse then the first one.

"Any Boll fans out there?...oooh...was that tumbleweed?" ... DAMN STRAIGHT !!!
"Well it couldn't possibly be any worse then the first one." ... yes it can!...Uwe is directing


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