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Black Snake Moan pictures online

BlackSnakeMoan.jpgThis is the new poster for Black Snake Moan, the upcoming film starring Christina Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson that is pulling both actors out of their normal comfort zone, Jackson especially. There's also a number of pictures online featuring another of the cast, Justin Timberlake.

It's amazing that I haven't actually managed to catch a performance of his yet, this film may well be the first one.

You can see the pictures over at Jo Blo who also have the full size poster. Ricci does look exceptionally rough in that photo...and is Timberlake looking mean or sulky, I'm not sure!

Timberlake aside, Jackson, Ricci and the story are the top reasons to see this film, it certainly pormises something different.



This movie just sounds so different from everything else that I think its the movie I'm most looking forward to this year.

Sure Transformers will be cool and everything but BSM just sounds too interesting.


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