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Blades of Glory trailer online

Blades.jpgThe trailer for Blades of Glory is online, and there are a few moments of comedy, but for the rest it seems to either miss or pick on stock moments for me. It's not really my cup of comedy, but I'm sure there's plenty of people out there to argue with me!

The original premise is quite funny though. Two rival ice skaters are stripped of their medals after their ego's won't let them congratulate each other and they start fighting on stage (cough)Zoolander(cough). In the present day they find a loophole that allows them to compete in the pairs competition, and so the male on male visual gags begin.

It stars Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, William Fichtner and Craig T. Nelson, and the trailer is in the main story...

The trailer is hosted over at YouTube.

What do you think?



After Stranger than Fiction I kinda like Will Ferrell now, so I just might see this film, either in the cinema or adding it to my queue. I am still waiting for The Producers to see how he did there too.


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