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Blood and Chocolate clips online

BloodandChocolate.jpgBlood and Chocolate is the love story of a human and a Lychen, not a Chinese strawberry but a Werewolf! The last remaining werewolves have made it to Bucharest where they are allowed to live without being hunted.

They are held to strict rules by the leader of the group, one is that he selects a bride ever seven years which is surprisingly to be the woman in love with the human, and the other is that they have a controlled hunt of a selected human every full moon. They chase them through the woods and if they reach the river they are allowed free, otherwise they have them. Well you can guess the entire story now can't you?

If you want more from it though, MoviesOnline have a bunch of seven clips, as well as an extended description of the story.

You can see the trailer in this previous story. I'm not really that excited by the story, it sounds too similar to others we've seen on the subject of hairy love.



This is one of those that look cool on the outset, but I learned my lesson with "The Covenant." Unless this movie gets serious praise from critics, I won't be at the theater for this one.


and a Lychen, not a Chinese strawberry

This one made me giggle! :)


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