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Blu-Ray to reject adult industry?

Pirates_Porn.jpgAccording to reports there's a large push from the Blu-Ray companies to get adult film studios off of the Blu-Ray format, and if this is true it could be a very bad sign indeed for Blu-Ray.

It's perfectly true to say that the adult studios have been at the forefront of each major change in the home entertainment market, and they've managed to get it right each time. They have led the way. It was the same with the other comparable battle over formats, the move to home video and the fight over VHS and Betamax.

According to Heise Online through High-Def Digest, adult studio Digital Playground are turning around from their announced backing and release schedule on Blu-Ray and moving to HD-DVD.

the founder of Digital Playground, recently told German magazine Heise Online that "Sony wants me to publish my films on HD DVD"...he had "wanted to publish his movies on Blu-ray Disc, but that all Blu-ray Disc copying facilities in the United States had refused to cooperate." Even further, the companies involved threatened to withdraw their Blu-ray licenses should Digital Playground attempt to make the blue movie industry even Blu-er.

Just to allow adult studios to distribute content on your format does not mean you are endorsing them or associating yourself with them. If I look at porn on my Dell PC does that mean Dell are peddaling porn? If I look at porn on my Toshiba TV through my Xbox, PS2 or Pioneer DVD players does that mean they are too?

Rubbish. What it does mean is they are leaving the choice to the consumer and having an open format.

Whatever you think of the adult industry, this speaks for itself. They have led the way and shaped the market, and if this is true and they do start being banished to HD-DVD it could be very bad for Blu-Ray. Still, there's the possibility that this isn't as big as it seems, time will tell.



This is just why I love Filmstalker, it's not only my one-stop shop for film news, but also film technology. I have been following these discussion and commentaries about the brewing DVD format war and I have to say that I am now more "enlightened" by it all. Thank you for inadevertently educating the non-techie side of me!

I have a question, will that dual dvd player manufactured by LG that can play both Blu-Ray and HD somehow solve this issue, that way everybody's happy?

Well it will for the customer willing to pay for it. I think the problem is that you'll end up with a player that is only 50% usable, unless you have enough titles in both formats.

It's also the usual story, a device that caters for a single format is much higher quality than a hybrid. I'm sure it's great quality, but personally I'd rather have something that's not the "best of both worlds".


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