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Boll's Postal trailer to offend?

UweBoll.jpgThere's a trailer out for Uwe Boll's Postal, and quite frankly it looks awful. Not only that I'm sure there's going to be some juicy comments about the content, especially when you see shots of a bunch of people at the controls of an airplane, screaming, as it goes down just before we see explosions.

You can see the trailer, because now I think you'll really want to, by downloading it from BollBashers.com [WMV:Dload] through AITH, where the R and PG rated versions are, I skipped the PG and went straight for the R.

Oh dear. If this really is reflective of the content then I think there's going to be some harsh words said. Frankly it looks as though he's just set out to film some of the worst things he can think of.

How do you feel after seeing the trailer? I really don't think he's headed up in his career after seeing this.



You know... One of these days, Uwe Boll is going to come out with a masterpiece and totally shock the world. There is no way someone could make films this bad without doing it on purpose. Someone in on the joke HAS to be in on this. And the payof HAS to be huge.

Otherwise... Uwe Boll just might be the anti-Christ.

it looks as though he's just set out to film some of the worst things he can think of

Let's not forget some of the stuff you've reported he did for Seed.

I said on that post that I'm still willing to entertain the idea that everything he's done has been part of some quite astonishing performance art prank, cos really it doesn't make much sense otherwise. Let's face it, he's been responsible for what are almost universally considered to be some of the worst films ever made, and what's more, he keeps turning them out. By any objective standards, Boll's output has had a constancy over the last five years or so that most directors would envy (how many other mainstream directors other than Michael Winterbottom have the same sort of constant turnover of new product these days when films can take years to reach the screen?). He's always making something, however bad it might be. Which, in a way, is the most remarkable and least comprehensible thing about him.

Apparently the servers over at BollBashing have taken such a hit that you can't even access their main domain without a 403 error coming up. I don't know if that's a result of too many clicks or the atrocity that is a Boll film trailer. Regardless, I didn't get to see it and with the way things are going for Herr Boll, this film might not see a video release until 2009.

Andrew/James - I would love him to pull something out of the bag and produce a good film, I really would, and I don't knock him for his continual output. Yet he could try raising the level a little couldn't he?

Thanks for the update Dave. Not surprising that it's been trashed, I'm sure everyone is heading over.

Yet he could try raising the level a little couldn't he?

You'd think that, but he seems to be doing enough business as it is, so he probably sees no need.


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