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Bond star reveals Casino Royale sequel details

GiancarloGiannini.jpgGiancarlo Giannini is the man who played Mathis, Bond's contact in Montenegro, getting into the game in Casino Royale (Filmstalker review), and recently he talked with an Italian newspaper and let some secrets out about his character, some secrets that not only reveal what's to come but also give away what happened.

So if you haven't seen Casino Royale as yet, turn away from the screen now.

He's been talking about how Mathis will return in the next film and help Bond out in working his way up the organisation. Wait a moment though, that news from Commander Bond through Cinematical is a bit confusing isn't it? At the end of the last film he was pegged as a double agent and was being dragged away for interrogation?

Well apparently he's either going to be turned back or they will turn out to be wrong. So that's now almost every star who has spoken about the direct sequel and that their characters will return. I'm really confident for this film, Bond 22 here we come.



I admire Giannini since his powerful role in Hannibal. He is very good!


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