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British film to show founding of SAS

SAS.jpgThe best SAS film to date has been Who Dares Wins, perhaps not the most factual, but it is great fun (ducks). Now though it looks like we're going to hear something a little more factual about the group.

HandMade films have engaged Rupert Walters to write a screenplay on the wartime stories of David Stirling, the man who founded the Special Air Services, the SAS. It will be based on the recently relaunched book by Alan Hoe called David Stirling: The Authorised Biography of the Founder of the SAS.

The Managing Director of HandMade films released a statement about the film through The Hollywood Reporter:

Antony Rufus Isaacs: "This is an epic and incredibly exciting project that HandMade Films is embarking on. Everyone is familiar with the SAS, but few people know of its origins. David Stirling was the driving force behind the birth of the SAS, a clandestine group which sets the standard for all special forces."

It's great to see a true account of the founding of one of the most elite forces in the world, and even moreso that it will be British made as well.

Walters is perhaps most known for his writing on Restoration, a period film with a surprisingly big cast.



I'm sure I have read a few books that mentioned the SAS and how they operate, so I agree, it would be interesting to see a film about it.


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