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Brosnan says Craig is best Bond ever

PierceBrosnan.jpgPierce Brosnan has said that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever and that he was a great choice for Bond.

I think he's done this with style. Before we've heard him cast some doubt on the whole Bond franchise and his early leaving, but now he's found his own acting feet outside the hefty Bond shadow he's being more than gracious.

I have to say that I think this has been the best thing all round, for Bond, Brosnan and Craig. Brosnan is turning out some pretty strong and interesting roles while Craig is truly hitting the top spot as the best Bond ever, and that just does the Bond franchise no end of good.

Of course we have to hand it to Martin Campbell and the screenwriters for bringing us the new style of Bond film too.

His comments come from Starpulse News Blog:

"Daniel Craig is the greatest Bond ever and deservedly so. He was a great choice...But I'm still proud to be part of that legacy."

I think he should be, he's definitely up there as one of the best Bond's there has been.



its good to read things like this, he has no real reason to say this but he doe ... Good man'

Wow! I mean he didnt have to say anything but this comment made my respect for Brosnan go up a notch.

and if Craig had been a crappy bond? do we think Mr Brosnan would have been so gracious?

Its easy, sometimes, to spin yourself up by using another actor's success(or failure).

i do think that Brosnan was a good bond AND his acting roles are improving(or maybe he is choosing better scripts)


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