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Bruce Campbell's Old Spice advert

BruceCampbell.jpgBruce Campbell is appearing in an Old Spice advert. Now I know what you're thinking, I thought that too, but it's not the old "splash it all over" comment, and it's not all arty with shots of models and heaving waves, no, this one is all Mr Campbell, and it's rather funny.

Wonderfullly you can see the advert right here, just head over the page in all its glory. Kudos to the company for not trying to corporatise this...

The video is hosted over at YouTube, and it comes courtesy of the Famous Mark Verheidens Of Filmland. Classic. Well caught Mark.



Ah, just love him! ;D

Funny, but not very effective as an ad for the product.

Love that guy, just watched "Army of Darkness" again the other day... priceless!


I did wonder when he didn't mention anything about Old Spice!

But didnt the long painting of the ship in the background say enough? I thought that was a real subtle but effective advertising there.

Rich, you obviously dont use Old Spice. ;)

And there's a website too www.experienceoldspice.com

My friend emailed me about this yesterday - haha - so fabulous. I love anything from Bruce and this commercial is funny.


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