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Bruce Lee estate pulls Rob Cohen film

BruceLee.jpgRemember we heard that Rob Cohen was trying to create a new Bruce Lee film where he brought Lee back using CGI and existing footage? Well the word today is that the film is off and the Lee estate are withdrawing their support.

Strangely the previous news was that the estate were on board for the film and Cohen had all the rights. Well according to a podcast over at GeeksOn through Twitch, the estate have pulled the rights and the film is now dead.

Yeah I wasn't looking forward to this and I think that it's good news that this isn't going to happen, but I'm not so sure it's because the estate thought that this wasn't a good idea, I think it's because they've sniffed the other Bruce Lee film possibility, perhaps the one that's rumoured with Donnie Yen and they've decided to back that instead. That would explain the switch better than just turning off this idea when they know everything already about the film.

Either way, I'm more interested in seeing a Yen playing Lee's life based on the actual biography from his family than I am a Karate Kid type film with a CGI'd Lee as a ghostly mentor. What do you feel?



I'm not really a huge Bruce Lee/Kung-Fu fan, so I don't really care either way.

Although I generally wouldn't support something like this, I do find it an interesting idea. I liked how they brought back Marlon Brando for Superman Returns - that was damn cool.

A whole film based on this might be weird and perverse in some ways. Whatever though.


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