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Caine says Sleuth not a remake

Sleuth.jpgSo they're remaking Sleuth, that classic film with Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier that was adapted from the play by Anthony Shaffer by the very man himself, we all new that. However it seems that there are going to be quite a few differences and it might well be a worthy remake.

The news came today from Variety through Coming Soon that Sony Classics were picking up the film directed by the superb Kenneth Branagh with a Harold Pinter screenplay. Caine is taking the role that Olivier previously played, and Jude Law is replacing him in his old role.

Everything about this is strong, and screams success, apart from Law. Now I'm not knocking him, he's good in some things he does, others he's just mediocre, but I just can't see him holding up to the part that Caine made so good.

Over at Amy Archerd's blog there's some inside information from Caine himself.

"We've been rehearsing for two weeks..."..."But--," Michael is very definite, "this is NOT a remake. We are making a movie, not a remake."...

..."I play a control freak -- and the house -- heavy with marble and glass -- boasts many remote control features. I am a murderous psychotic and I researched the character and these conditions with Kenneth (Branagh). But I'll tell you no more,"

Well we've heard it all before quite frankly. Not a remake has been said about most remakes in this past year, we've heard it screamed about films that turn out to be just that, so forgive us if we don't leap at your opinion. Yet Pinter, Branagh and Caine returning to the role all make me think that there's something special here.



I can see Law being every bit as good as Caine ever was, if not better. I cannot see Caine being at Olivier's level. It amuses me to see Caine being touted now as a 'great' actor. The man has made a mountain of crap in his career. Shall we overlook them now simply because he's old and has managed to hang around a long time?

BTW and rather OT, Law's Alfie was a different beast from Caine's Alfie, so different that I consider the Law version a distinct film that is truly an update of the original. Yet people knock Law's Alfie exactly because it WAS different. Come on people, quit the Law bashing. You can love or hate Law's Alfie, but you cannot call it both lacking in originality (i.e. a remake) and, at the same time, criticize it for not being true to the original (i.e. lacking Caine's Alfie qualities). I don't know about Sleuth, but Alfie was a worthy attempt to update Alfie.

Hi there Henry, welcome to Filmstalker.

I never saw Alfie I have to admit, but in many other films I've seen him his performance just gets washed over. That said, he can pull out some excellent ones and I'm hoping that with this direction, scripting and this being a passion project that we'll see something superb.

So you'd recommend Alfie then?

Let me add this to my queue before the remake starts happening.

Shush Simone, don't mention the "R word" Michael Caine might hear you! :-)

Shush Simone, don't mention the "R word" Michael Caine might hear you! :-)

Can anyone recommend a good Pinter play?


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