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Casino Royale not the most profitable Bond

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgThe news out today is that Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) was the highest grossing film in the UK in 2006 with a grand total of GB£53,091,639 (US$103,97,602) to date, according to Variety.

That's a great success story, but what is it like compared to the other Bond films and with their figures adjusted for inflation? Well, I'm glad you asked as that's just been worked out and Royale is eigth on the list.

Here's what's before it with the date of release, takings and then inflation adjusted takings...

Thunderball (Dec 1965) /$63,595,658 /$401,070,986
Goldfinger (Dec 1964) /$51,081,062 /$326,334,617
You Only Live Twice (Jun 1967) / $43,084,787 / $259,901,418
Diamonds are Forever (Dec 1971) / $43,819,547 / $220,647,368
Moonraker (Jun 1979) / $70,308,099 / $210,734,788
Die Another Day (Nov 2002) / $160,942,139 / $177,601,042
Live and Let Die (Jun 1973) / $35,377,836 / $165,341,524
Casino Royale (Nov 2006) / $162,525,000 / $162,525,000

Now I don't think too much can be taken from this considering cinema attendances were much higher in the past, well that's what the studios keep telling us. However it is an interesting list.

For the full list and figures, with a lovely chart, head over to Serve with Chips.

Regardless of the figures, I do think it's one of the best Bond films ever, and by that I mean I rank it in my top three.



You said it already, it's the inflation factor.

Btw, Casino Royale is still shwoing this side of London!

You know what Richard? All those damn "graignotbond" assholes will now cease on this and say "I told you this bond was a disaster, it did'nt earn that much compare to the other bonds" Me, I think Danny is the best Bond so far mean and tough..

Mike they may try and use it, but just see all those films behind him.

I don't think this reflects on the character, I agree that this is one of the, if not the best Bond's we've seen, and the box office figures for the first few months of it being released aren't a reflection on that.

Look, these guys will find any excuse to blast the film.

Box Office Mojo does a similar comparison, unless you've seen it before already.

Since when Box Office has anything to do with quality? Anyway, this Bond has earned enough to continue the franchise in good health.


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