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Chinese horror trailer Matrimony online

There's a particularly creepy looking trailer for a film called The Matrimony online. It's about a woman whose husband won't allow her to go into one specific room in the house, a locked room. One day the key mysteriously appears to her and she enters, only to find the presence of a woman he just can't let go.

This looks pretty good stuff, with all the Asian horror trademarks (I refuse to utter that lazy shortcut for Asian horror films). Where trademarks usually mean dull and stock, in Asian horror it usually means scary and creepy.

The trailer is over the page for your viewing pleasure. What do you think?...

The trailer is hosted over at YouTube and found through Jo Blo.

Yeah, I'm thinking this looks pretty good, I'll keep my eye out for word on this.



Why I decided to look at this trailer at this time of the night is beyond me.


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