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Chris Rock's I Think I Love My Wife trailer

ChrisRock.jpgChris Rock has a new film coming out called I Think I Love My Wife, and although it's not looking spectacular, it does seem to have potential.

Rock co-wrote and directed the film and it stars the stunning Gina Torres and Kerry Washington. Richard (Rock) is married to Brenda (Torres), although they are happily married it has reached that average routine and Richard is starting to feel the itch for something more. When an ex-girlfriend (Washington) appears on the scene, Richard starts to see temptation everywhere and wonders what it would be like to cheat on his wife.

Much as I don't like Rock acting, he does look and sound a little better here, and the film has an interesting enough attraction to it. What do you think after you've watched the trailer over at Fox Searchlight site [Flash:Embed] through Cinematical.

Are you a fan? Even if not can you see something in this film? I'm thinking Boomerang with Eddie Murphy, although Rock's acting ability is far from Murphy's.



I remember liking his performance in LW4, yeah this one doesnt look too bad.


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