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Clooney and DeNiro as Auteuil and Depardieu?

36QuaidesOrfevres_Poster.jpgI really enjoyed the French thriller 36 Quai des Orfèvres (Filmstalker review), and the word of the remake has eventually come.

The film is called 36 and Dean Georgaris, who helped bring down The Manchurian Candidate by writing the remake is translating the script now. Marc Forster who direcited Monsters Ball and Finding Neverland is set to direct the film.

Here's how I wrote about the story at the time I saw it:

It tells the story of two sections of the French Police Force, both headed by strong and very much "old school" policemen. Léo Vrinks, the strong morale character, is played by Daniel Auteuil, and the other is Denis Klein played by Gérard Depardieu. Klein is obviously jealous of Vrinks and his team and lacks many of the qualities that Vrinks does. Vrinks is a strong leader, commands respect and sees the clear line between the good and bad guys, Klein does not.

There is one clear path of promotion to the head of the force, and Klein wants the job no matter what, whereas Vrinks would rather continue to command his team and work on the streets. It's this ambition that begins to drive Klein, and coupled with his drinking and jealousy he soon finds that he's taking events into his own hands.

Meanwhile Vrinks is pulled into events he can't control and soon finds himself in the grey area between the Police and the Criminals.

The original is a tight thriller with some superb turns, beautifully shot, and with superb perfrormances from the leads. So how can this be remade? Well they made it work with Infernal Affairs (Filmstalker review) and The Departed (Filmstalker review), couldn't they here?

Well according to Production Weekly they are, and negotiations are still underway to get George Clooney alongside Robert De Niro as the two cops battling it out. Now those names are starting to get my interest.



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