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Closing Credits: David Ritchie

Usually I only do closing credits for big names that we would all know, but the story about David Ritchie passing away after an accident on the film set of Jumper caught my eye precisely because we so often only remember the big names.

Ritchie was a set dresser, one of those guys that works so hard to make the physical things in the scene a reality, a truly important piece of the work on a film.

The story comes from Variety through Coming Soon, and although I don't mention all those that pass away on film sets, I think it's worth remembering that there are so many people behind the scenes that bring us these great films, not just the names at the top of the IMDB list.

Here's to David Ritchie, and his family.

Set Dresser: David Ritchie




So decent and thoughtful of you to mention David Ritchie...hope they do specially acknowledge him in credits of Jumper.


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