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Cohen to direct Mummy 3?

RobCohen.jpgRumours have it that Rob Cohen is being lined up to direct The Mummy 3. Yes, I was surprised by that when I read it too, but after all the Mummy series is action and one liners, and Cohen does do that well doesn't he?

You know I take calls on the rumours I write about, either they are interesting, bizarre, looking pretty true, and above all they have to be about the films, nothing about stars personal lives. I considered for a while ignoring rumours, but then I'm just reporting old news, and we all want to debate the possible don't we? Anyway, I digress, it's late, I'm sleepy and I'm watching Who Dares Wins. Anyway, this is an interesting rumour indeed.

From TMZ.com through Coming Soon comes the story.

They say that the failure of Stealth was pinned firmly on him, and that's why he's been offered this project, a project that others have passed on such as Joe Johnston of Hidalgo and Jurassic Park III.

So it doesn't look like such a good offer for Cohen does it? Well let's look at it again, it's a proven franchise and both stars Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz have reportedly said that they would like to reprise their roles, so is it such a bad job? Sounds like a nice winning situation.

You can read about the proposed plot of the film in two previous stories. Cohen is attached to direct the Russ Meyer biographical film Big Bosoms and Square Jaws.



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