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Connery hasn't read Indy script yet

SeanConnery.jpgSo Sean Connery is reported as seriously considering returning to Indiana Jones in the fourth film? Not quite. Reading the report reveals a slightly different response as the story that's being published around at the moment.

Here's the quote from the newspaper article in the Scotland on Sunday through Coming Soon, see what this says to you:

Asked directly if he thought he would be back in front of the cameras this summer as Dr Jones, he answered: "Perhaps."...

..."At the moment there's nothing decided. I haven't got the script. Everything depends on the script."

I know what that says to me, and it's not that he's seriously considering, he hasn't even read the script. The story suggests that he said, and note that there's no direct quote, if he reads the script and likes it he would think about it. Well that's a couple of big steps away from seriously considering it.

Still, I can't see it done without him, and if the script is good enough for the rest of the team, surely it's going to grab him?



Well, first of all, if there really IS a script for Indy 4, is Indy's father even in it? How would we know? And if he is, wouldn't Connery have been given the script and asked by now? And even if he said no, my guess is that they could write it out very easily (because if Indy's father was in it and it wasn't Connery, it would be very odd to me).

This whole Indy 4 thing is extremely fishy. I'm wish some other web pundits out there that believe this film will never be made.


He is probably not in the movie. Will that be a problem, Indy fans?

Well it seems there is a script because we heard that from all concerned, particularly that Lucas, Ford and Spielberg had all agreed it was the one.

Still I think there's a doubt of it getting made, but I'm sure it will. The real question is the quality, and I think there's a heafty chance that will not be near the originals.


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