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De Palma directs Iraqi Casualties of War

BrianDePalma.jpgBrian De Palma is set to direct a film on one of the most controversial moments in the Iraqi war, although there seems to be nothing but those moments in the war, the film Redacted is set to tackle something on a much smaller scale.

The story will feature something very similar to his superb Vietnam film Casualties of War, and will feature the true life events of a rape and murder of a 14 year old Iraqi girl, and the killing of three members of her family by four US soldiers.

According to Production Weekly the soldiers were reported to have been suffering from sleep depravation and were running on energy drinks and pills to keep them going. Not only that but they were in the area which is termed outside of the fence, where everyone not in friendly uniform is deemed to be an enemy.

Interestingly they say that the film will use a mixture of footage types from news broadcasts and documentary footage to YouTube and one of the soldier's own video blog. So DePalma really is pulling in some different, and relevant, styles of filming.

Hopefully this is going to be as strong as Casualties of War was, and with the different styles of filming and DePalma behind it, we could be in for one hell of a film, especially considering the story.



Ok. Yes, that was a tragedy.

But how about DePalma instead makes a movie about, oh, I don't know... a pro-Muslim woman who goes to Iraq to HELP the people there and ends up being captured by terrorists and has her head cut off for her troubles? Other innocent workers who go there to rebuild the infrastructure and take care of their families (I'm not talking about executives) and meet the same fate? Or the civilians that are killed on a daily basis by the "insurgents"?

I am SO sick to death of the U.S. being portrayed as the be-all, end-all villain.


Well I don't think we've heard how he's going to play out the story yet, he could be going sympathetic from the soldiers viewpoints and trying to play down the situation by the pressures one them.

We are seeing films coming out about the tragedies the other way round, look at A Mighty Heart with Angelina Jolie.


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