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Dead Mary horror trailer online

Dead Mary is a horror film which tells the story of, wait for it now, a group of best friends who meet up for a college reunion to reminisce about the old days during a weekend of beer and no doubt sex. Sound familiar so far? Well hold up there, it gets good.

They play a game of Dead Mary, similar to the idea of Candyman - I almost wrote Caddyshack but that wouldn't have had the same mood - where they hold a candle, say Dead Mary three times over it, and...that's when the fun starts happening. A spirit out for revenge possesses them one by one, and it looks like as it does it cause the others to kill the body it's in. Well there be just one left standing?

The trailer is online over at Bloody Disgusting [Flash:Embed] and it looks rather fun, although for the most part pretty standard fare. What do you think?



I thought isn't Dead Mary a drink, I realised that was Bloody Mary. Hihihihi...

I have a question, most unknown actors start their careers with a horror film, why is that?

I think it's fair to say that it's the easiest of films to first make and get into, there's always low budget indie horror going on.


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