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Dead Silence trailer online

DeadSilence.jpgI just said that the idea for Dead Silence was rather funny. Can I now officially eat those words as I wasn't laughing a jot when I saw the creepy trailer for the film which has just gone live on the official site.

The film takes the Saw franchise guys James Wan and Leigh Whannell into a horror story that focuses on a dead ventriloquist whose dolls come to life and start murdering people in a frighteningly horrible way.

Now the idea does sound daft, and there were a few moments that should have played out with a giggle on the trailer, but it's been so effectively cut together and edited that it is quite creepy and frightening, and so the trailer has redeemed what the story failed on.

Donnie Wahlberg is back, and it looks like he's back as a cop again, but what struck me about the film were some of the excellent sets as they flash by. Sort of a Silent Hill style of creepy.

You can have a look at the trailer over at the official site, through Bloody Disgusting, and just hit trailer to get the large Quicktime version, then come back here and see what you think.

Does it annoy you about the puppet connection with Saw? Were you giggling at it, or was it actually quite effective as horror trailers go?



I remember seeing this movie in the 80's when it was called Nightmare on Elm St. Only the killer was a guy, and he killed you in your dreams, not with dolls.


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