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Departed banned in China

TheDeparted.jpgChina is apparently banning The Departed (Filmstalker review) because it mentions a plan by some Chinese to buy military equipment.

According to a source speaking to The Hollywood Reporter the Chinese authorities offered them the chance to change the plot and it was refused.

"That part of the plot is definitely unnecessary," added the source, who asked not to be identified as he does not have permission to speak to the foreign media.

"The regulators just cannot understand why the movie wanted to involve China. They can talk about Iran or Iraq or whatever, but there's no reason to get China in," added the source, who is close to the country's movie regulator.

Still it makes no difference as the pirate DVD versions are flying around just now so the censors aren't going to stop the film from being seen by those that really want to see it.

Isn't it amazing what gets banned in some foreign countries. Mind you whichever country had been chosen there would have been a fuss.




Where I live it's mostly Chinese who sells pirated DVDs, (I am writing this without any prejudices against them, as the issue of racism seems to be controversial in Britain this week) you can find them in Tesco all the time, so if they get pirated DVDs for The Departed, talk about caring if it's even banned in their country!


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