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Depp produces poisoned KGB agent

JohnnyDepp.jpgThe story of the poisoned KGB agent in London last year hasn't even settled, the investigation is still ongoing and yet the film rights to the unpublished book of his life have already been purchased.

In a very clever move by Warner Brothers, they've bought the rights and assigned Johnny Depp's production company to develop, as soon as the book, Sasha's Story: The Life and Death of a Russian Spy comes out. It will be written by the New York Times London bureau head Alan Cowell who has been covering the story since it broke.

According to the story in Variety:

In London, the investigation continues into the death of Litvinenko, who was poisoned in late November by polonium-210. Just before his death, he blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime for the murder. Story has become one of the most mysterious and perplexing crimes of the post-Cold War era, triggering an international investigation led by the U.K.'s top counterterrorism officials.

Cowell, who has reported extensively on British intelligence services, will document Litvinenko's life and poisoning, as well as address the implications of the case for nuclear proliferation and international terrorism.

There are still different theories about the poisoning of the spy, that it was done deliberately, that others were struck too, that perhaps they were handling this dangerous radioactive material incorrectly and it was an accident. No one really knows the full truth yet, and Cowell will continue to cover the story before taking a leave of absence to write the book.

When the full story comes out, if it ever really does, then this will certainly make for a great film don't you think. Yet is it too soon? I also don't think it's the only tale that will come out of this story, I'm sure there's the bigger picture to be told yet, not just this agent's life.



Oy Rich you beat the BBC to this news, they just ran the story today!

Funny how I was right all along that they would do a film about this. It would make a good film and since I love spy-thrillers, I'll be very interested to see how this project comes about.

Will it be too early to speculate who would play Litvinenko? ;)

I just noticed that the BBC quoted me as a source back in November!

I'm going to have to start an honorable mentions page!


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