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Diesel talks Hannibal the Conqueror

VinDiesel-Kilt.jpgVin Diesel's passion project Hannibal the Conqueror looks set to keep pushing forward and we may well see it on release in 2008.

He recently commented on the work that's going on and in particular his passion for the project. Supposedly he's already been learning to ride an Elephant, and has spent a good portion of the year scouting for locations in Spain. In the Worst Previews story he's quoted as saying:

"It's been a passion project...If you do something like that, you want to go all the way. Usually, you want to go all the way when the subject matter or topic speaks to you so much that you have these scenes playing out in your head all the time. That's usually a pretty good indication that you need to find a way to make it."

The script is being adapted from Ross Leckie's novel by David Franzoni who also wrote King Arthur, Gladiator and Amistad.

Sounds like work is tearing along and that we're going to see this made. I'm interested to see what Diesel pulls off, because he's shown he has a talent for acting, and I don't mean in the action films he's completed. I've always thought he has talent but has just fitted the action star pidgeon hole so well. Will he show a talent for directing too?



Richard, do you get a kick seeing Diesel in that kilt? ;)

Damn straight. One of Xmas pressies is a black kilt, although I'm not getting leather!

Just gotta love an actor so dimentional in creating so many unique characters. I'll be waiting for every film.

It'll be intresting to see as to who gets cast as Scipio though.

one thing that scares me that vin disel will not be a good acter for the hannibal movie, He is not the right guy for the movie. =(

I don't know, I think he's proven himself as a good actor, it's just his choice of roles hasn't really exploited that talent.


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