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Disturbia trailer modern Rear Window?

ShiaLabeouf.jpgFirst off I thought the trailer for Disturbia was just a remake of Rear Window, and to a degree it is, but what the trailer shows us is that there are some big stars and some modern twists to it that could well make it something decent.

The film is directed by D.J. Caruso who's career screams The Shield to me, and stars Shia LaBeouf, my favourite David Morse, and Carrie-Anne Moss.

A guy is under house arrest, confined to his home by a nice little tag, and as he and his friends spy on their neighbours for some fun, he witnesses what could well be a psychotic killer murdering woman after woman. Before long he and his friends have to get involved, and it's not long before they get dragged into the mystery.

Okay, it is the Rear Window story, but give the trailer a shot which you can see over at Yahoo Movies [QT:WMV] through Coming Soon and see what you think now.

There's a huge fresh feel to it with a mammothly modernised story, and much as I am against remakes this looks really quite taught. Oh, and of course the superb Morse is in it.



Rear Window is one of my favourite Hitchcock films so I was a bit wary of a "remake", but this looks really good.

The trailer looks pretty cool.

Morse looks really menacing.

Agree...I have never seen him in the villain type of roles before.


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