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Donnie Yen to play Bruce Lee and Genghis Khan?

DonnieYen.jpgDonnie Yen seems to have moved from bit parts and fight choreographer to being in major demand and looking at him to play both Genghis Khan and Bruce Lee, in different films that is!

His Manager claims he has six film projects on offer and all are looking at him to lead. According to Moviehole who carry the story from Monkey Peaches, the Bruce Lee story is one which the Lee family have sanctioned. Now if I cast my mind back to July 31st of last year there's a story on Filmstalker entitled Donnie Yen as Bruce Lee, which says that he is in negotiations for the very role. The film will be based on a new book coming from the family about the real Bruce Lee and his life.

There's apparently a few Khan films in the works and Yen looks like he could take this one. So if you add up playing Genghis Khan and Bruce Lee, Yen's career is set to sky rocket.

Just as an aside I got totally absorbed reading about Lee in the Wikipedia article above. He's a fascinating man.



A film on Genghis Khan? That will so totally interest me!


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