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Doohan's son wants role in Star Trek XI

JamesDoohan.jpgWhen I announced the rumour that there was a possibly replacement found for a young Scotty in the new Star Trek XI, I didn't really think it was cast in stone, more wishful thinking. However I never expected to hear that James Doohan's son wanted the role, James being the original actor who played Scotty.

In the comments section Karen Caparelli dropped us a note to tell us that Chris Doohan was talking about the role on his blog. So over we head and here's what he had to say:

I just found out that they are going to make a new Star Trek Movie and are currently looking for a 30 something actor to play the role of , Scotty (yes, I'm a bit older :). They already signed Matt Damon for the role of Capt. Kirk and are considering James McAvoy as Scotty, but have not made the final decision yet.

They are not looking to fill ALL the spots with known actors, so I thought that maybe I would give it a try. Here's why. 1.I kind of look like my Dad. 2. I can do a great scottish accent. 3. We share the last name. 4. I like money. I didn't know how to try out for this, or get an audition, so a friend in the business said that I should start a write-in campaign and get a bunch of my friends to write, or call Paramount studios and J.J. Abrams (the producer) to try and persuade him/them to give me a try.

If you guys could help me with this, that would be great!! Even if they fill the Scotty role, maybe they could give me a small walk on role??

The address is: Paramount Studios Attn: Star Trek Casting 5555 Melrose Ave. Hollywood,Ca 90038

He's going for a shameless promotion campaign to get himself in the role, or at least a walk on part, but can you blame him really? He is after all Scotty's son. Well if he can act why not? I think it would be a great connection to make. However if he really was up against James McAvoy or a similarly recognised actor, who would you want to play the part?



So Scotty will appear too. This will be a celebration of pure nostalgia. A great feast.

Well, it looks like I will be a converted Trekkie possibly because of McAvoy! ;D


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