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Eva Mendes joins Cleaner

EvaMendes.jpgEva Mendes has moved on from Ghost Rider and is set to appear next to Samuel L. Jackson and Ed Harris in Cleaner, the thriller form Renny Harlin which tells the story of a crime scene cleaner who unwittingly cleans a crime scene before it is reported and gets caught up in the crime.

Jackson plays the cleaner while Mendes plays the widow of the murdered man. It does sound a good idea, especially with all these CSI shows about, and with Harris and Jackson starring I think we could be set for a strong thriller. The question is can Harlin pull off the goods, and I actually don't doubt it on this film.

It's also a strong move from Mendes and looks set to continue her upward trend in Hollywood, despite the Rider blip!

Christa Campbell, Keke Palmer and Ritchie Montgomery are also reported to have signed up. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.



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