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Eve of Understanding takes more awards

EveofUnderstanding.jpgThat Eve of Understanding (Filmstalker review) crew have been doing really well of late, and there's more great news from them.

They've announced on their site that the film has made it to the 2007 Fylmz finalists.

Other great news is that Peter Senchuk who composed the music for the film attended the Park City Film Music Festival and was awarded the Silver Medal for Best Use of Music in a Feature Film.

Well done on both counts. The awards keep rolling in! They also have news on a screening in Madrid as part of the Opera Prima section of the CIM Madrid International Film Festival, so if you're around I'd recommend catching it. To help make up your mind read the spoiler free Filmstalker review.



It's been an exciting year so far, hopefully that will only continue!


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