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Ewan McGregor suggested for Kurt Cobain

EwanMcGregor.jpgMore rumours as the latest comes in the form of Ewan McGregor to play Kurt Cobain in the new biographical film on his life that I mentioned a few days ago.

Frankly I think this is far from true as when we heard about the story before Courtney Love had just bought the rights to the Cobain biography Heavier Than Heaven and she had said herself that it was so early in the life of the project that there was no one attached, not even behind the scenes.

Still the story from the Daily Express through Entertainment News International makes it a little clearer, McGregor is actually her favourite choice at the moment, and that's probably an offhand comment where she just threw a few names down.

I'm not saying he shouldn't or couldn't do it, I'm just wondering on the reliability of the source quote. What do you think of McGregor tackling the Nirvana front man's life?



I've heard Ewan sing, I doubt if he can even sound remotely like Cobain.

I have no doubt that Ewan could do it, but I'm not sure he's the best choice for the role.

I'm thinking it might be nice to have lesser known actor play Kurt.

When I heard about plans for an upcoming Kurt Cobain movie, I immediately thought of Ewan McGregor to play him. You can't deny the uncanny resemblance the actor has to the musician. As for singing well, let's get serious- it's not as if Cobain was a trained singer with a golden throat. I'm sure that McGregor can easily sing as him.

What about Ethan Hawke? He did some singing in Reality Bites, and if I am correct I think he also wrote it and he can have that Cobain-esque quality if he wants to.


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