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FBI teaches Hollywood

FBI.jpgThe FBI are hosting seminars for Hollywood to help them portray the organisation in a more realistic light, something that seems overdue with the number of films in production that connect with the FBI.

The latest seminar was called FBI - Crime Essential for Writers and was packed with executives and writers from various studios and according to The Hollywood Reporter the four hour session was standing room only, ran out of time for the Q&A and next to no one left early.

FBI agents presented a history of Islam from 682AD, discussed various terrorist organisations, taught about the colours and flags of the organisations, showed photos and video of torture rooms, American victims of torture, suicide bombers from the USS Cole bombing and the house where they built their bombs, played phone messages from Flight 93, audio from the Flight 11 cockpit which flew into the World Trade Center, a history of the FBI, and more.

According to Dave DiGilio who wrote Eight Below and is producer and pilot writer on the FBI connected TV series Traveler:

"Seeing the extent of the organization, and the passion and intellect of the agents, was impressive...They're very creative. It's not the way they're usually portrayed."

What was perhaps most interesting was the list of possible targets which included various Hollywood locations such as Disneyland. The also showed the group photos of the equipment they will be using during their protection of the Golden Globe Awards.

The overriding agenda of the event is obviously to portray the FBI more realistically and also to give the American people a more comforting view of their safety and this group of their protectors. One of the Agents put it very well.

"Keep the FBI out of politics...Don't tag me Republican or Democrat. Don't suggest the FBI was better or worse under this president or that one. What we care about is protecting American lives."



I really think that this was a good idea. Who else better to tell these screenwriters but the agents themselves?

Hey Richard what about a feature on the best films featuring these various organizations - CIA, FBI, NSA, Mossad, KGB, etc? I know I can come up with loads! Right, I'll post it in the Hive!

Not sure, let's discuss it in the Filmstalker Hive community.


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