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Film body counts

MatrixReloaded-CarFlip.jpgDid you know that the body count in Nightmare on Elm Street was a mere four? Kill Bill: Vol.1 was ninety five? Or that Braveheart amassed one hundred and eighty four?

There's a site I've just discovered on the Internet where people are spending time counting who dies especially for you, and dropping them into easy to read charts. Here's the top five body count films currently:

1. LotR: Return of the King (extended): 836
2. LotR: Two Towers (extended): 468
3. Hard Boiled: 307
4. Equilibrium: 236
5. Bullet in the Head: 214

How's that for a list? You can even see which character has the highest count (John Preston - Equilibrium: 118), which western (tied with fifty five between The Magnificent Seven and Tombstone), or even by director (interestingly Steven Spielberg has a current running total of 311).

The site is called Movie Body Counts, thanks to Martin for the tip which he found through Dutch Cowboys.

Oh it's an interesting and fun read through those lists, but I wonder how much time these guys have spent watching and counting? How many people have died counting these films?



Talk about killing time! LOL


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