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Foxx as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight?

JamieFoxx.jpgIs Jamie Foxx in line to be the next Harvey Dent in the new Batman film The Dark Knight? Well according to Internet rumours he is, mind you those very same rumours have listed so many people planning to play the character I'm not even sure who all has been rumoured anymore, I can't keep track.

Still the latest one is strange indeed, but strange as it is, just like the Heath Ledger for Joker, it actually sounds quite interesting and could work if it were true.

Foxx could carry the good side of Dent very well, and when he develops his other, darker side, he'd be a great fit for the character too. He's that kind of actor that carries both styles really well and very easily.

For some reason I've been hiding who Dent becomes as some kind of possible spoiler, I don't know why and how I've managed to do this so far. Well if you didn't know by now with every site throwing it around the web, I'm about to break it to you. Dent becomes Two-Face.

I think it's easy to get pulled into the rumour idea and start writing about every single one, but this one does make me think it's quite possible and quite a clever match up. The question is can the new Batman afford Foxx, particularly with the names already on board?

As Josh at Cinema Blend, who carry the rumour from Batman On Film, points out, this will probably pass away as soon as it has done the rounds but it's probably one of the most interesting to date.



Wouldn't be my first choice for sure, but it would still be good casting.

I think there might be some truth to this one. I've heard his name come up quite a lot in the last 3 months or so with the term "uncovential" casting being branded about a lot.

If you take a look at his schedule, he has no roles upcoming and after his turns in Miami Vice and Stealth, doing a Christopher Nolan Batman movie should get him back on track.

He doesn't want to in the direction that Colin Farrell did, so he knows his next choice is a big one.

Not sure I like this but it'd work I guess .. just my initial thoughts.

No, Harvey Dent isnt black, and never was in the comics. If you stick to the simple key things like they did with Batman Begins, you will have aonother great movie.

Takeing libertys and changeing somthing for a movie based on a comic book is expected. Things like the batmobil, and the type of armor Batman wears. Those things are more realistic and belivable and must be changed.

Making a white character back is a dumb move and tottaly unesscary. There are plenty of actors that could pull off Harvey Dent / Twoface.

Ive always been fond of Edward Norton. Not sure he'd be the best Dent tho.

This might sound cheezy, but Dillan McDerment (SP?) Would be good :)P

Hey John, I have to say that's a great call. He does look the part. Do you think he could pull off the other, darker side of the character?


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