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Fraser and Weisz unsure of Mummy 3?

TheMummy.jpgWe heard the rumour that Brendan Fraser was attached to The Mummy 3, despite all the plot changes from the series, and that Rachel Weisz was keen to reprise her role. Now we're hearing that he's not yet there, that there's no word on Weisz.

The latest comments he made add some uncertainty to it all, when asked if he was shooting The Mummy 3 next he said:

"I'm still waiting for the call, so we'll see...I haven't talked to Rachel yet, but it's all on the page."

The quote comes from Cinematical.

With Rob Cohen supposedly directing, and the whole Egyptian Mummy storyline dropped to uproot to a different backstory in China, I'm not so sure how strong this could work out. I always thought that a big part of the Mummy films attraction was the Mummy itself and the battle of Umhotep, played by Arnold Vosloo, to bring Anck Su Namun, played by Patricia Velasquez, back to his side which mirrored the love relationship of Rick and Evelyn.

Oh well, what do I know. Maybe it was just the big effects pieces and the wise cracks. Maybe any Mummy will do...isn't that a song from Joseph?



I suppose they can easily put a spin on the new storyline even if it has nothing to do with the Egyptian Mummy but obviously take advantage of the franchise name. I dont know much about the Chinese culture and this is how this film will focus on, to show us another culture that is also just as fascinating and still come out with an entertaining film like what we had with the previous Mummy films.


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