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Friday the 13th remake going ahead?

Friday13th_Poster.jpgMore remake news, and this one might actually have some mileage in it, not the news itself but a remake. The idea of remaking Friday the 13th could actually work out quite well.

News today from Fangoria through HorrorMovies.ca says that despite previous failed attempts, this time the remake is going ahead.

According to HorrorMovies they say that the rights had all been tied up which was causing a delay. However the story today says that Brad Fuller, a producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, says that the film will be done with joint venture of Paramount and New Line and that the issues over ownership are being sorted.

So it looks like this might be moving forward and we could see a Friday the 13th remake. Now I think this would work because the original isn't exactly difficult to redo, and there's plenty of scope to add things to the character of Jason Voorhees and make a more modern slasher film. Do you think it can be done?



Oh there's no question it can be done. But can it be done well? I doubt it.


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