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Gladiator 2 casting call?

Gladiator.jpgIs Gladiator 2 really going ahead? Mark this as huge speculation but according to a casting site it's expected to be released late 2006 or early 2007, which quite frankly sounds an absurd timescale.

The sequel to Gladiator is due for a hopeful release date in late 2006 / early 2007. Filming will most likely take place in Athens, Greece and the UK. The film will be based around Roman politics, senators, generals and praetorian guards and not so much focus on the gladiators.

I'm convinced this is speculation, so please use buckets of salt, and even if it is true and Ridley Scott is carrying out his wish for a sequel, it couldn't possibly make it out as quickly as that. The other thing that strikes me about it is the focus away from the Gladiators...isn't that what Scott wants to do and what the films are about?

You can see the above casting note on the Springboard UK casting site. What do you think? Possible or just drumming up business?



Gladiator 2!! This is madness MADNESS THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Sorry there I go again,christ where's r my pills!!
Why can't they just leave a good movie in peace and since they are focusing away from the gladitorial theme, then call it something else. If its back stabbing cloak and dagger u want i suggest u watch HBO's Rome season 2. Season 1 also done by HBO was very entertaining and worth owning on DVD. And seriously I don't work for HBO in any shape or form or own a DVD shop.

Mike, have you heard about the Nick Cave script version? I think that would have been a little irreverent to the original but probably the best way to do it.

Still feel they should leave this movie alone. It was one of those movies that made me want to chop and slice people up after seeing it........!!!!

This is clearly an old subject. I've been waiting for news for years and on searching again today, still no news anywhere on the internet. At least, nothing substantial or recent. So I'm giving up as of today.

One final word. Has no-one ever considered the idea of a prequel rather than a sequel? There was clearly a lot of history between Maximus, the Emperor and his family that we're only able to guess at from the film. I'm no Ridley Scott but it seems like a better idea to me than creating something totally unrelated to the original.

I don't think this is going anywhere and Ridley Scott has said as much for him anyway.

I think a prequel would be the best way to go too, but for now the project is well and truly dead and I don't see the original talent returning to it.


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