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Golden Compass and Number 23 images online

Number23.jpgThere are tons of images online for both His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass and the Jim Carrey thriller The Number 23.

The Number 23 film really has me interested for not only does it star the gorgeous and captivating Virginia Madsen, or the appearance of Danny Huston, but it also has Jim Carrey doing serious acting, something which I wish he would do way more of because he's so damn good at it.

You can see The Number 23 images over at IESB.net gallery. Carrey looks great, and that shot of Madsen in a black wig with leather gloves showing a little leg just has me begging for more. Ahem...anyway.

The Golden Compass images are all over the Net, but at Coming Soon's gallery you can see them all together. Kidman looks delicious in these shots, very disarming and lovely with a classical beauty, but there's something much darker under there you can just tell.

I'm looking forward to both, but because my heart really is in thrillers I'm particularly keen for Number 23.



The Number 23...how surreal is it that this movie comes out after i've spent a year seeing the number enough that it's caught my attention...and then the great lines i've heard: "all i know is it went after suicide blonde - isobel lydia hunt. and now it was after me." love the creepy, cryptic nature of it, the psychological paranoia - all for something most think is crazy. but isn't everything that gets into our consciousness like this labeled crazy? can't wait to see it.


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