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Gondry to direct Blondie film with Dunst?

KirstenDunst.jpgBack in October I carried the story of Kirsten Dunst rumoured to be playing Blondie, aka Debbie Harry, in a story of her life.

Today the story has been regurgitated, and this time with a little tease from Dunst herself as she reveals who could be the director of the project. She talked to Stuff.co.nz and said:

Her only project on the horizon is with visionary French director Michel Gondry, whom she worked with on Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. "[It's] about somebody who everybody knows, but I can't say who it is," Dunst teases, before admitting her character is a "well-known singer", giving credence to reports that she is to play a very abstract take on Deborah Harry of the band Blondie.

So it could be Michael Gondry to direct the Debbie Harry biographical film? Well Dunst is a good fit, and we knew about the rumour months ago, now it's here again through FilmIck and Cinematical.

It's interesting news that Gondry, who brought us the excellent Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, is going to direct. Does that mean we're in for a less than normal biography? If all this is true, can Dunst carry off a Blondie performance? Does she have the presence and attitude?



Richard, have you heard of The Science of Sleep, also directed by Michel Gondry I think it's due for release in the UK this year.

Definitely heard of it, it's getting a lot of positivity, but I haven't seen it as yet. You?

Not yet, I am not sure when it will be released in our neck of the woods, but I trust you will tell us soon enough!


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