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Hallam Foe trailer online

JamieBell.jpgThe trailer for the new Jamie Bell film Hallam Foe is online. It also stars such talent as the stunning Claire Forlani and Ciarán Hinds, both stunning for different very reasons, and also Sophia Myles and Ewen Bremner.

The film is adapted from the debt novel by Peter Jinks. It tells the story of Hallam Foe who is a slightly obsessive character who seems to be a first class voyeur. In trouble with his father he is banished and he takes a flat in Edinburgh and takes to the rooftops to continue his voyeurism but now on those closest to him. Soon his voyeurism leads him into a few dangerous situations and builds to a climatic ending.

The trailer is all over the place at the moment, but I took it from the official Hallam Foe blog, which hasn't been hugely exciting or engaging during it's development hence the lack of stories from it.

Still, now they have the trailer either to download [QT:MP4] or watch on the blog entry [QT]. I'm not embedding the YouTube trailer because they've disabled that for some bizarre reason.

It does look quite interesting, and there is enough to hook me in, but I think without the stars you'd easily gloss over this one. What do you think?



Oh I love Ciaran Hinds! And I do hope to see a lot of sweeping Edinburgh shots as I miss this city very much.


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