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Help required: Site search

What a day yesterday. I've upgraded some software behind the scenes and I've been working all day to get the new features going. These features will be pretty cool, and they are on the way, but there's a few issues yet to iron out and one rather large new problem.

The site search is taking an age to run, somewhere up to fifteen seconds at times, and that's just not on. So I'm working on that just now, however it would be really interesting to know how many of you use the site search. I am considering replacing it with a Google search page. Would that pose any issue?

Can I get some feedback on this, it would really be appreciated. Then I can get on working on the new features as well as writing like mad, and maybe release something new on the site. Let me know if you use the site search, how you found it before today, how it is today, would you go for a Google or Yahoo search instead, etc.



I'm considering this myself & do think Google search is probably the best way forward .. especially because it searches whole pages rather than just the entries.

eg; currently if you do a search for _ram ..
you won't get much at all & it is slow, though I've found MT search has always been slow ..

I did notice you've moved to 3.3.4, what's the new great functionality? i'm on 3.33 & unsure I can be bothered, I've downloaded it but am concerned it may write over the customisations I've made .. so am apprehensive.

I always use the Search feature, and I find it really useful esp when I would like to refer to a previous post or to just check if that topic has been covered before.

Whatever you need to do to improve the site Richard we're just right behind you with our support and appreciation. ;)


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