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Highlander: The Source first clip online

AdrianPaul.jpgThe first clip of Highlander: The Source has appeared online, and it's a pretty long, if hard to understand clip. You can see it over the page.

Adrian Paul has taken over duties as Duncan MacLeod and he and his fellow Immortals are on the search for the first Immortal and to find out why they are this way.

It's directed by Brett Leonard who brought us Feed and The Lawnmower Man, and co-written by David Abramowitz who also wrote for the TV series. Interestingly Abramowitz also wrote Highlander: Vengeance which is the anime continuation of the story and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri.

See over for the clip...

The clip is hosted over at YouTube through WorstPreviews.

What do you think? I was confused, but there's nothing new in that!



Official Memo from the Producers - Includes the Film's Release Date

Re: Highlander: The Source

To our faithful fans.

Any version of Highlander: The Source that is currently available is not the final producers' version of the film. Peter Davis and Bill Panzer of Davis/Panzer Productions, the producers, in conjunction with Lionsgate Entertainment, are presently editing and remixing the film. This final cut will be delivered to Lionsgate on or about March 15, 2007.

Lionsgate will be releasing the film in September, 2007.

Peter Davis
Davis-Panzer Productions



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