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Hijos de la Guerra (Children of the War) trailers

HijosDeLaGuerra.jpgHijos de la Guerra (Children of the War) is a documentary about street gangs and in particular MS-13, Mara Salvatrucha, which the FBI claim are the fastest growing and most violent gang in the US.

According to the official film site the gang comprises of over 100,000 members and runs through Central America, US, Mexico, Ecuador and Spain, and in Central America they have become the largest perceived threat to national security.

The gang was created in the 1980's from the genocidal civil war, pulling the abandoned children into the gang as a way of protecting themselves from the violence ever happening again. Facing strong armed repression from the Salvadoran authorities and heavy US deportation laws, the gang became radicalized and instead of reducing the power of gang these acts merely made it stronger and more aggressive.

You can see a history of how they grew in both Salvador and the USA over at the official site. Also included are details of the film and the filmmakers themselves.

The film itself comprises of over eighty interviews with the gang's founders, members and academics, combined with footage from El Salvador jails, gang neighbourhoods of L.A., Salvadoran communities, etc. It looks into why people join, how the gang culture continues and how it grows through social and political influences.

Also on the site is the official trailer which is in large Quicktime format, although in the main story the YouTube versions of the teaser and two separate trailers can be seen. The film sounds like it will be powerful and hard hitting. There are some sad and upsetting images in a lot of these trailers, so be warned.


Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

This looks like a documentary I really want to see.



i was just wondering when will this movie come out?
i've search all around n can't find it! can u please let me know where i may purchase this dvd


Got the hear about Hijos de la Guerra after watching Ross Kemp on Gangs.

This looks a little more in-depth (MS look like scary muthaf***ers!)and wanted to ask if I can buy a copy of the documentary from any where in England, or if I can order it on the web?

Please respond to this as I may just keep harrassing you if I don't hear back!



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