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Holmes recast for The Dark Knight

KatieHolmes.jpgRumour has it that Katie Holmes is out of the Batman Begins (Filmstalker review) sequel, The Dark Knight, although her character remains and will be recast. However, she's obviously made a superb career move as she signs up to the British comedy remake that I previously wrote about called Mad Money alongside Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton.

The rumour comes from Latino Review through Cinema Blend and the news of Holmes in Mad Money is from Empire.

There's also confirmation from LR there's no Penguin in this film, fantastic.

So Holmes is out? Well I don't think she was the strongest part of the film so there's no loss to be honest and I think that she will be easy to replace for fans. However I do think she's make a bad career choice with the Money film and she'd be better soliciting help from her hubby. Are you happy she's out of the sequel?

Update: Well there's a little update online from the spokeswoman for Katie Holmes as to why she never took the role in Dark Knight, and note that I said that very deliberately. It seems it's not so much down to not being asked, just too busy. Yeah, too busy with Mad Money!

"We never got to the negotiating stage" for the film, said Julie Polkes, Holmes' representative. "Katie was offered ["Dark Knight"] but was unable to accept the role because of scheduling conflicts. She was in the process of negotiating for another project.

The update comes from The Wall Street Journal through Superhero Hype



I used to not like Katie, but since she got involved with Cruise I suddenly took a liking to her and would like to think she can actually act. Let's just hope she does well in her career and without a doubt her influential better half will make sure of that.

Personally I didn't mind Katie Holmes too much in Batman Begins. Sure enough, she was the weakest link but she wasn't so bad that she distracted me from the rest of the movie (or even the scenes in which she was involved).

The whole "too busy" line smells like bullshit from 1,000 miles away though! I think it's pretty certain now that the character of Rachel Dawes will meet her demise in the early stages of The Dark Knight, and I believe that Holmes simply didn't want to appear for 5 minutes before meeting a bloody end.

Meh, I'm not really upset by this. I think they should have just written her character out in the first place. Nothing against Katie Holmes, it's just that there's really no place for a love interest in a Batman story. It's been tried many times before and it never seems to work.

As for the "too busy" excuse, I agree with spidey. It reeks of BS, especially considering the questionable calibre of the project she's turning this role down for.

It was pretty obvious she was only there to attract the Dawson Creek demographic, she was way out of her league next to the likes of Michael Caine and Christian Bale.

Obviously Christopher Nolan has enough clout this time around that he has a bit more choice over the casting. Sweet!

I missed the update bit of this article, maybe she was too busy helping out the Beckhams move in? ;D

A perfect pair shorty and dawson-chick make.

Neither can act, both are annoying as a carpet salesman.

dawson-chick came very close to ruining batman for me. No on screen presence. No gelling with ANY other characters and just plain out of her depth.

Mad money "type" films are 100% perfect for her ability, that said, how long before we see emaciated-spice in a film with dawson-chick.


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