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Hot Fuzz early screening comments

HotFuzz.jpgHot Fuzz has been seen, and the early word is superb, unfortunately we all have to wait for a full review, but the word is that the film is extremely funny and on many levels, not just straight out, in your face, jokes. Exactly what we were expecting then.

The comments come from a die hard Spaced fan so they could be slightly favourable towards the team, but to be honest they do a great job of convincing me it's straight up superb.

It's difficult to describe how good 'Hot Fuzz' is, without gushing like a total fanboy but It really is great...I enjoyed the film. In fact I predict despite the fact it's so early in the year, 'Hot Fuzz' is going to make my 'Top 10 of 2007' list. It really is that good.

Have a look at the comments over at the lovely looking Solace in Cinema who give their first impressions.

I'm sorry I have to do this. "My training is in psychiatry, I don't do impressions". Okay I believe the Fuzz jokes are funnier. Is there anyone not looking forward to this?



Very likely to be on A LOT of people's Top Ten lits next year; not just yours. Can't wait.

I am so looking forward to it! Having just seen Shaun of the Dead,/I. on DVD recently I can't wait to see this one. Do I have to come out and say how many times I've viewed the trailer just this week? ;)

I was going to check Filmstalker's watch list as I wasnt sure when its coming out here in the UK but I cant see it - unless Rich is updating it.

Friday, February 16th in the UK. You're welcome!


The watchlist only shows ten items into the future - a restriction of the service I use. I'll try and find some other site for it so I can list more.

LOL @ spidey. Thanks! ;D

Well, I have to book that day now in my diary so I can finish work early and head off to the cinema!

Hey Rich, please dont think I'm being demanding okay?

Simone, we all know you run the show around here.... Richard is merely keeping you happy. ;o)

Nothing else that I took any notice of is opening on the same day as Hot Fuzz so there shouldn't be any conflict for anyone.


And he does it really well too! ;D

Look, women are always the ones in charge. Behind every great man (and film site) is a great woman.

I couldn't agree more with you there. ;)


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