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Hot Fuzz US trailer with all star introduction

HotFuzz.jpgThere's a new Hot Fuzz trailer online. Okay, it's fair cop, it's not a new trailer, it's exactly the same apart from two things. One is a few seconds of a moustache joke in the trailer, and the other is the amusing introduction from the brains behind Fuzz (or rather Fuzzzz) and Shaun of the Dead.

Thanks to AICN you can see the US version of the trailer online now. You can see it over at Yahoo [QT:Direct].

It's quite good fun, and it's worth seeing the trailer again, even if it wasn't just with that extra joke in there.



I just saw Shaun of the Dead and.... HAHAHAHAHA It's just hilarious! Now I am looking forward to Hot Fuzz even more!


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